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Market Summary

Symbol Description Bid Offer
USD-TC US Dollars vs. Toricredits

Toricredits to USD , USD to Toricredits

USD-LD US Dollars vs. Lindens

Lindens to USD , USD to Lindens

232.7500 257.8948
USD-IC US Dollars vs. IMVU Credits

IMVU Credits to USD , USD to IMVU Credits

2622.0000 2957.8948
LD-IC Lindens vs. IMVU Credits

IMVU Credits to Lindens , Lindens to IMVU Credits

9.6586 13.3774
IC-TC IMVU Credits vs. Toricredits

Toricredits to IMVU Credits , IMVU Credits to Toricredits

EUR-TC Euros vs. Toricredits

Toricredits to EUR , EUR to Toricredits

EUR-LD Euros vs. Lindens

Lindens to EUR , EUR to Lindens

231.5111 371.3413
EUR-IC Euros vs. IMVU Credits

IMVU Credits to EUR , EUR to IMVU Credits

3097.0000 3726.3158