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Due to the sudden announcement by IMVU with regards to the impending termination of their IMVU credit reseller program, we will no longer being selling IMVU credits after May 1st, 2015.

Content creators who have not sold their credits after May 1st, please kindly cancel all your incomplete sell orders and withdraw your credits back to your avatars before May 7th. IMVU will be charging a 6% reseller tax on all credit withdrawals, as per credits delivered from all reseller avatars.

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Market Summary

Symbol Description Bid Offer
USD-IC US Dollars vs. IMVU Credits

IMVU Credits to USD , USD to IMVU Credits

USD-LD US Dollars vs. Lindens

Lindens to USD , USD to Lindens

EUR-LD Euros vs. Lindens

Lindens to EUR , EUR to Lindens